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History and What We Offer


Helping Adults With Autism and Developmental Disabilities Lead Comfortable Lives

Mission and Vision

We have a simple but robust mission to help adults with autism and developmental disabilities whose parents are deceased or who can simply no longer afford to take care of them anymore. Love Ran Red Foundation helps provide an essential assisted living for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and special needs.

Foundation Founders

As parents of a teenage boy with autism, my wife Cathy and I often wonder what’s going to happen with our son Alton when we are gone. We know firsthand the concerns of many families that struggle to raise children with autism and developmental disabilities. We decided to start a non-profit 501(c)3 foundation to help families with adult children who have autism and developmental disabilities, to assist them with essential living assistance. We are well aware of the huge financial burden that families have especially when government programs end at age 21. Love Ran Red Foundation is dedicated to helping families with this burden. Our ultimate goal is to provide housing for adults with autism and developmental disabilities. One short-term goal is to simply provide professional in-home assistance so parents can go out to dinner or take in a movie without worrying and knowing that their loved one is at home safe. We hope that you will consider joining our team through prayer and financial support.

Together we WILL make a difference!


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and autism are both general terms for a group of complex disorders of brain development. Currently, more than 3 million individuals in the US are living with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and government statistics indicate that ASD diagnoses are increasing 10 to 17 percent annually. The majority of those currently diagnosed with ASD are under the age of 18, but 500,000 of these individuals will be entering adulthood over the next ten years, and the number of adults living with autism will continue to grow from there.

Currently, 81% of adults with autism live with their parents. As parents grow older, they want what all parents want for their children – to see them be able to create a life of their own. Yet homes and residential supports that meet the needs of adults with autism, while simultaneously providing the opportunity for independence and self-actualization, are in very short supply. Organizations and alliances are dedicated to making the search for housing and community living more fruitful. However, there is a severe lack of options to meet escalating demand.

Many people with autism need some level of support to live as independently as possible. The scope of necessary supports is vast and highly individualized. Housing “solutions” encompass more than a physical place to live; a true housing solution is inseparable from the need for assistance in several important aspects of life. Housing and support services that meet the needs of each individual with autism can be powerful enablers of employability, integration with the local community, and the ability to carry out productive daily activities. It is also a foundation for an individual’s well-being, safety, fulfillment as a human, and means to thrive.

Depending on the individual, the range of supports needed can include help with daily living activities and self-help skills. Transportation and access to the community, employment and leisure opportunities. Managing finances. Personal safety. Accessing medical care.

Giving a Loved One Life

Raising the Standard of Special Needs Care