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Helping Adults With Autism and Developmental Disabilities Lead Comfortable Lives


Our Ultimate Goal

Our ultimate goal is to provide loving homes for adults with autism and developmental disabilities in the Lehigh Valley. Our facilities will provide a loving, safe community where all adults with autism and developmental Disabilities are welcome. A home setting ran by Christian values based on love where fellow people of faith with autism and developmental disabilities can share spiritual values if they choose to do so and remain independent as much as possible. Our main purpose will always be “to provide an environment in which our residents will feel loved, well looked after, and appreciated in a theocratic home run for their benefit.”

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Duke’s Delites Employment Program

The unemployment rate for individuals with autism & developmental disabilities is approximately 90%. Duke’s Delites Employment Program is a dog treat company that employs young adults with autism & developmental disabilities and strives to employ as many young adults as possible. This program gives our young people a sense of purpose, something to look forward to, and encourages them to get active and involved in the community by providing them with a real employment opportunity.

You can personally help us employ young adults with autism & developmental disabilities by placing your order at

Your dog will love you for them!

Bowling League

Love Ran Red Foundation bowling league allows adults with autism & developmental disabilities to interact with friends within their community. It’s a chance for them to come together for a fun night of bowling. The league is open to anyone in the Lehigh Valley, free of charge, who is 18 years old or older with autism or a developmental disability. The main purpose of this program is to have fun with their peers!

A red bowling ball crashing into the pins

Shining Star Gala

Love Ran Red Foundation is proud to announce the first annual Shining Star Gala scheduled for 2022. It’s an unforgettable prom night experience, centered on God’s love for people with special needs/different abilities ages 14 and older. More details are coming soon for this amazing annual night.

Love House

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